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Our JUMP Classes are thirty minutes long and focus on all aspects of jumps- conditioning, technique, strength, power, and flexibility used in cheer and dance. Although these classes are only thirty minutes in length, your athlete will get a supercharged, fast-paced workout that will truly help their jumps. On the all star cheer score sheet, jumps are ten percent of the total score. On the High School scoresheet this percentage is even up to 20%. This class is a great way to build individual skill while helping your team improve their score! 


At North Dakota Elite we specialize in teaching all levels of tumbling. We are skilled in instruction of basic skills such as roll progression, cartwheels, round-offs, and walkovers. We also have experience teaching handsprings, tucks, layouts, fulls, and everything in between! 

Our class structure puts an emphasis on skill-specific drills, conditioning, and organized rotations during class to keep kids moving and improving for the entire hour-long class.  

Joining a tumbling class is one of the best ways to boost your skill level for all star, high school, and collegiate cheerleading tryouts. We emphasize safe progression to help avoid injuries, mental blocks, and ensure that each individual athlete is set up to succeed in the LONG RUN. 

Mini Tumblers 

Athletes ages 3-8 working on a variety of skills from the very basics through back walkovers, front walkovers, and back handsprings. 

The Perfect Back Handspring 

Athletes that are working on their back handspring or maybe need a little more help perfecting their back handspring. 

All Levels Tumbling 

This class will focus on all levels of tumbling- standing, running, front and back, aerials, tucks, layouts, fulls, etc. This is a great tumbling class for dancers working on tumbling skills!